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piezo-ultrasonic-leak-detector-banner-2000x699Unlike traditional microphone based ultrasonic leak detectors, contact piezo ultrasonic sensors coupled directly to piping respond instantly to the broad range of ultrasonic frequencies generated by the leaking gas with high sensitivity and localized precision. No need to trade off between sensitivity and protection when operating in harsh environments or high temperatures.

Using a robust piezo ultrasonic leak sensor can help determine early, and precisely, where and when the leak occurs, as well as the severity of the leak, by sensing the ultrasonic acoustic frequencies generated by the gas leaks, including methane and hydrogen, and then employing embedded computer pattern recognition to identify known acoustic signatures for leaks or other failures.


Key Advantages of Piezo Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Early Leak Detection: Instantly picks up ultrasonic signals from gas leaks with frequencies from 25 kHz to over 300 kHz, tailoring to specific leak signatures and ensuring exact detection.
  • Works in Challenging Environments: Operates effectively across a broad temperature range
  • Safe and Cost-Effective: Early detection prevents costly losses due to fires and other.
  • Remote Sensing: Real-time monitoring in inaccessible locations, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Success Story:

Armstrong International's Breakthrough with Our Piezo Sensors

Armstrong International needed an ultrasonic sensor that could integrate with their steam trap testing tool. After extensive research, they partnered with for a solution. The result? A robust, thermally stable, and accurate sensor that exceeded sales expectations by 250%.

"The new tool incorporating's sensor notably outperformed in harsh environments and was a compact fit for smaller spaces."
– Armstrong International


The Science Behind Our Piezo Sensors

Piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors utilize a unique class of materials that produce an electric charge under stress and vice versa. Our sensors, made from high-performance Lead zirconate titanate (PZT), are expertly designed for maximum durability and efficacy.’s technology advantage involves fully encapsulating the PZT material using copper-clad and etched materials. This encapsulation, or “packaging,” protects the PZT both mechanically, as well as from the environment. Etching of the copper-clad materials also allows for full customization of the electronic circuit needed to robustly and reliably connect the PZT to its drive, sensing or harvesting electronics.

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